How to Get Commercial Pilot License from Canada_ Process, Time & Cost

Becoming a Commercial Pilot and Fly Aircrafts is the dream of many but only a few are able to fulfill this dream. To become a commercial pilot, its important to have a commercial pilot license which is merely a certificate that justifies that the specific candidate is eligible to fly the aircraft now.

Taking a commercial pilot license from Canada is more beneficial and fruitful if you’re aiming to have a career in Airlines.

In this blog, check out the entire process of earning a commercial pilot license from Canada and know about the training duration, cost and many other factors.

What is the Process to Get Commercial Pilot License from Canada?

Canada is one among the most outstanding destinations to start your training of Commercial Pilot and become a certified Airlines Pilot in just a few months.

With such a huge and dynamic aviation industry and being home to millions of international people, Canada is known worldwide for its high standards training schools and admirable facilities. The certified candidates can have the opportunities to fly airlines for military, UN Relief, Helicopter etc.

While taking the training from Canada, you can experience flying with most advanced instruments while surviving the odd weather conditions which is crucial to polish up your skills.

If you become successful in gaining the Canadian Pilot License, then you’d be known among the most respected and validated pilots around the world.

Time &Cost to Take Commercial Pilot Training in Canada

The Commercial PilotTraining from Canada is highly affordable and cost-effective which is approx. 30% less than any other European Country.

As the Canadian License is one of the world-wide recognized training certificates, it would be the best option for you to choose taking the pilot training from Canada.

Within a duration of 18 months training, you can see yourself as a well-polished commercial aircraft pilot.

Requirements to Become Commercial Pilot

The Students applying for commercial pilot training must hold a Canadian Aviation Category 1 Medical being done by an authentic Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medical Examiner in India prior to their arrival to Canada.

The commercial pilot license must be endorsed with a flight instructor rating – airplane. Initially, the pilot can be endorsed as”Class 4″ flight instructor, later they can upgrade their rating to Class 3, 2 and 1.

Salary of Commercial Pilot in Canada
Once you’ve obtained the commercial pilot certificate, you’d be eligible to have an hourly salary of $13 to $30.

If you want to know more about commercial pilot training in Canada, please reach us.

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