Is it your dream to become a commercial pilot? Do you find it difficult to achieve this dream?

How to Become a Commercial Pilot? Qualifications, Cost, and Timeline

GSA Aviation is here to help you actualize your dream by empowering you with the required knowledge and skills to become a commercial pilot and making you realize your true potential.

With the increasing job opportunities in Airlines Industry, the need of Pilots is also increasing. If you’re looking forward to getting a proper training for commercial pilot and accomplish your dream, this is the right time and right place!

In this blog, you can know the basic information of becoming commercial pilot such as – Required Educational Qualification, Training Duration, and Cost, etc.

How to Become A Commercial Pilot?

  1. Qualification

Minimum qualifications: 12th pas with Physics, chemistry and Maths.


To become a commercial pilot in Airlines, you must pass 14 ground school examinations and several flight tests to win the frozen Air Transport Pilots License (ATPL) which is the gateway to your dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

It is basicallya collection of various licenses grouped together. From Commercial Pilot License to Multi Engine Instrument Rating Card, Multi Crew Cooperation Course Certification and Scorecard of 14 Theoretical Examination, it consists various licenses needed to be qualified for the post of Commercial Pilot.

Through this license, you can also apply for the First Officer Job in any Airlines. However, along this license, you must require obtaining one more certificate i.e. Class One Medical Certificate which is crucial to identify that you are medically fit to fly any commercial aircraft.

So, how would you obtain these licenses and certificates? GSA Aviation would help you do this. Our integrated flight training and module training courses would help you nourish and polish your skills and knowledge such a way that you can easily clear up the tests and rounds to finally win these certifications.

2. Timeline

Generally, it takes minimum 18 months to obtain these certifications.

3. How Much Does the Training Cost?

(i). If you’re going to opt the Integrated commercial flight training which is full time course for freshers to become First Office in Airlines, then you may have to bear a flight school fee of £30,000  to £60,000.

After receiving this training, you will obtain the ‘Frozen ATPL (Air Transport Pilots License)’.

(ii). If you opt for Modular flight training which enables you to complete your training at your own pace, you may require to spend from £40,000 to £60,000.

To know more about training programs, fees and course timeline to become Commercial Pilot, please contact us.

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