The human heart has always yearned longest to fly high and deep in the sky like birds, to breathe its liberating air. Flying is a surreal yet liberating experience in itself and serves as a rewarding profession as well.

Aviation is a dream of many young minds, as the job comes with a zenith of adventure and thrills! But with a great job comes great responsibilities and ample hard work. To pursue your dreams to fly, one has to go through rigorous training and exams to qualify for a CPL (Commercial Pilot License). An ideal candidate must have a perfect balance of patience, intelligence, high-wits, sharp-eye, and zeal to work hard regardless of time constraints.

Currently, Canada is being seen as one of the most preferred destinations for Indian students who wish to dive into the world of aviation via expanding horizons by taking-up course in Abroad.

Let’s discuss the advantage of pursuing a CPL from Canada –

  • You carve a niche for your future prospect!

Also known as the Nation of Aviation, do you know Canada holds the second position in highest pilot population in the world which accounts for more than 70,000 pilots. It abides by the High Standard of aviation & license which makes your CPL respected and validated around the world.

Their licenses comply with ICAO standards, and are therefore recognized by other countries that issue ICAO licenses.

  • Get best quality training in effective cost

Compared to countries like UK, US, New Zealand, and parts of Western Europe, the value of Canadian dollar is quite considerable for Indian students. The cost of Canadian Dollar is estimated to be less than European currency hence students can use it to their benefit and use further cost in building training hours.

  • Air Traffic Control System topped with Modern Facilities

Canadian air rout offers top tier weather forecasting systems and world-leading infrastructure. The aviation systems combine the British and US system of aviation.

  • Diverse Weather Condition

Canada offers optimum weather conditions to pilots that some may not experience in other countries. The diverse weather allows you to experience under daylight visual conditions during the initial period of training. Further during the advanced training procedures candidates learn to deal with flights in poor visibility, icy weather, rain, snow shower and actual IMC.

Immigrant Friendly Policies 

The Express Entry System makes it a more preferred option for students to choose the country for pursuing a Commercial pilot license, as it offers ample opportunities and makes immigration more accessible by reducing application processing time to a maximum of six months.  

Hope considering these facts, you are able to make an informed decision and fly high and reach the skies.

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