Commercial pilot training in USA

If you are 18 years old or older.
After being enrolled in flying school, students are becoming more familiar with standard operating procedures. Students must also receive additional qualifications to aviation science.

In the United States, education is mainly provided by the public sector, under the control and funding of three levels: state, local and federal, in that order. Common requirements for a US subject study include your admission test, transcript, letters of recommendation/reference, language tests

Certificates and evaluations

To become a professional pilot, you will need several certificates and qualifications. The first thing you will need is a private pilot license, which will allow you to fly on your own.

Professional Pilot Certificate

Then, you will need a professional pilot certificate that will allow you to receive payment for your flight services. You earn this certificate with the given time and certain conditions and manoeuvres. After passing your written exam and reviewing your course, you will need a check-up. This is very similar to the driving test required to obtain a driver’s license; During the checkup, an examination by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will ask you to plan a flight, ask questions about aviation, and then accompany you on a flight. As with a driving test, you will be asked to perform certain manoeuvres and your examination. After the test, if everything goes well, you will receive a professional pilot certificate.

Medical certificate

In addition, you will need a first class or second class medical certificate. To receive this, a forensic aviation doctor must verify that he meets the health and fitness requirements to be a pilot. As a professional driver, you will be subject to these exams throughout your career. captains must pass a physical exam every six months and other commercial pilots must pass an exam every year. If a health problem is discovered, you may be unemployed.

Ranking of instruments

You will also need to obtain an instrument rating to be able to fly with low visibility. You receive this note when you pass the instrument to the school on the ground and when you go through an instrument qualification verification trip.


Then you will need a classification of several engines. It will be possible to fly with several engines, which is more likely to be an airline pilot. To receive this qualification, you must take control and perform a test drive of several engines.

Air transport pilot certificate

At one time or another, the most important airline pilots. It is the highest pilot certificate and allows you to fly a large commercial aircraft. To obtain this certificate, you must pass a written exam, a first class medical certificate, a bachelor’s degree and have accumulated 1,500 flight hours, including 250 hours as a pilot.

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