The commercial pilots are responsible to fly aircrafts. From flying fixed schedule flights to flying charter flights, emergency planes, performing rescue operations, crop dusters, air tours and taking aerial photographs, there are many more responsibilities that a commercial pilot has to bear.

commercial pilots

If pilot’s job interests you and making good money is your dream, the commercial pilot job would be the perfect career choice for you. With an entry level pay of $44,000 to median pay of $1,00,000, this profession is one of the best preferred professions among Indian students.

Am I Eligible for Commercial Pilot Post?

To become a licensed commercial pilot, the students must age more than 23 years and should have a valid bachelor’s degree or 2 years of college experience.

Also, the following certifications would be required –

  • A min of 1500 Flight Hours Logged Licensure & Certification
  • 250 Hours of Flying Time Log
  • Qualifying Certificate for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Practice Test for Licensing
  • Certification to Work for Commercial Airlines

Apart from the above eligibility criteria, the students must be very proficient at communication skills, physical health and aeronautical knowledge.

If you fulfill the above eligibility criteria, you must know the step by step procedure to become licensed commercial pilot. Please read further to know the detailed process.

Step by Step Guide to Become Licensed Commercial Pilot

Step 1–Clear the Physical Exam

To become a licensed commercial pilot, it is important for applicants to qualify a physical ability exam that includes vision test and a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor so that the aeronautical knowledge of the students could be verified.

Step 2 – Be Trained as a Private Pilot

To learn the basics of flight process, operations & maintenance guidelines, one should be trained as private pilots.

There are many Aviation Training Centers that offer recreations training courses for Indian Students to help them becoming a commercial pilot. GSA Aviation is also one of those institutes. If you’re willing to become a licensed Commercial Pilot, you can start your training school at GSA Aviation and master the required knowledge and skills to fulfill your ambition.

Step 3 – Log Flight Hours

To achieve the post of Commercial Pilot, the applicants need to spend at least 250 hours flying in various situations which includes flying the plane solo, flying as the pilot in command, flying abroad in day or night and complete a particular number of takeoffs and landings.

Step 4–Qualify Essential Tests

As per the eligibility criteria of Commercial Pilot job, the candidates must pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) practical test administered by a registered official.

This test is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to perform various operations tasks, meet industry standard and to check their proficiency in flying the plane.

Apart from this test, there would be a written exam to check the candidate’s knowledge of navigation, safety and plane guidelines.

Step 5 – Pursue Additional Certification

To work for commercial airlines, the candidates are needed to become licensed airline transport pilot first.

To become transport pilot, candidates must age min 23 years, must have a 1500 hours flight log and FAA Qualification.

If you’re aiming to become a commercial pilot, GSA Aviation can help! Reach out to our office or call us to get the complete details and start your career journey now and today itself.

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